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History and culture of Harpagophytum procumbens


griffes du diable
Fruits en forme de "griffes du diable"

Harpagophytum procumbens

Harpagophytum procumbens





History :

Since the most moved back ages, the African wizards used Harpagophytum to look after the most various evils. The plant owes its name with its fruits, remarkable by their pivots finished in hooks (the Greek word "harpagos" means hook, hook of boarding). In these hooks the legs of the bovines and the sheep are gotten mixed up besides, which are then condemned to a disordered dance almost "diabolic" .

The name of "Griffe du Diable", initially intended for the fruit, was thus taken again to indicate by extension, the whole plant . But it is in fact with its root that Harpagophytum owes its beneficial properties .

In 1904, an alive German farmer in Namibia was the witness of a "miraculous" cure, at the time of the rising of Hotentots, the wizard of the tribe not wanting to deliver his secrecy, the farmer thanks to his dog managed to find the place precise where the plant had been torn off . Samples of the root thus discovered were sent in Germany: Harpagophytum procumbens D.C was identified .

The production is 700 tons in 2001 with more than thousand tons exported in 2002 by only Namibia, the Committee for the plants at this meeting in Geneva in 2003 within the framework of QUOTE (Convention on the international trade of the species of fauna and flora savages threatened of extinction) worried for the "durability" of this resource and the equitable character of its trade...


The African wizards were right, this plant medicinal is invaluable and one abundantly finds it from now on in the form of homeopathic herb teas, gélules, preparations etc intended for human as well as for the animals. It is necessary to count 2 to 4 weeks before feeling the beneficial effects of the treatment which also stimulates the operation of the liver

the root of Harpagophytum is used for a very long time to look after all kinds of evils.

Roots of Harpagophytum have excellent properties anti-inflammatory drugs thanks to the harpagosides that they contain

The harpagophytum acts at the same time on pain and on the ignition and its effectiveness is remarkable in the treatment rheumatisms and osteoarthritis . Not poison, it replaces traditional anti-inflammatory drugs without causing adverse effects (evils of stomach).

Thus, one can use it in the sporting field to avoid the articular pains and tendinitises which had with the effort.

It oxytocic (accélerer the childbirth can) and thus is disadvised to the pregnant women .

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